Assemble Videos

Videos to show you how our Wild Bird Proof Feeders work, Assemble, and the New Features.

Click on the blue links to be taken to the video. Many of the videos are of the old style counterweight feeder, the new dual spring feeder comes with the springs installed and fewer steps to assemble the feeder.

The newest assembly video on the 2023 dual spring/no counter weight version of our Medium Feeder

How NOT to install and train  

Video on the new metal bracket mounting system   

Video showing how to install the new metal bracket mounting system

Waterproof feeder video

Soft Close feeder, original wood bar version      

Soft Close feeder, new metal frame version      

  Duck step                                

  New assembly movie 

Video of Construction details of the   medium feeder


Upgrade Videos

Here are videos to show you how to Retrofit and repair your feeder.

Lip Extension installation               

Installing a spring       

 Retrofitting a soft close door with the new metal frame soft close kit   

 Adjusting a door crank to line up on a soft close cylinder

Soundproofing a door                

Replacing a wire link             

 Waterproofing an existing feeder                                  

 Dropped door fix    

 Adjusting a door                                      

Put an end to feed theft by wild birds like starlings, house sparrows ,English sparrows, pigeons, or grackles.  Order now.

Unconventional uses

Videos showing our feeder being used for more than chickens, ducks, geese, guineas, and turkeys

  A macaw using our feeder



Training Chickens to Use Our Feeder

A series of short videos taken by one of our customers showing her first day of using our rat proof chicken feeder and the immediate results

 Kerry Training Video