No Chinese Sheet Metal Used in Our Treadle Feeders

The folks over at Grandpa Feeders, or Grandpa Xi’s Feeders as we like to say, are a bit miffed at us lately.   We published their U.S. import records that proved they make their feeders in China,

They were not happy with us.

Kind of hard to continue to lie to folks when these import records are out there online. And a long history of using China to produce their product. 


So as usual, when you cannot attack the truth, you attack the messenger. Our Facebook posts were attacked by Grandpa Xi Feeder trolls claiming that we used “chinese pot steel”, whatever that is, to produce our feeders. Which is another lie, we use U.S. made galvanized sheet metal for the Medium Ratproof feeders made here in the U.S. and even in the Philippines we use Japanese  produced galvanized steel sheets or locally produced galvanized sheets.  In the Small and Extra Large Ratproof treadle feeders you will find the occasional sticker with a sumo wrestler logo or  Japanese characters and  occasionally the metric thickness stamped in it in millimeters.  

America of course recycles a huge portion of our steel needs due to our very cheap electrical costs.

 And, ah, well, we might have goaded them a bit with this video we posted to educate consumers about where the Grandpa Xi feeders are made, all in good fun of course.   But marketing a product made in a communist country where they force abortions, station officials INSIDE Uyghur homes to prevent parents from producing more children, when the parents are not lucky enough to not be put in slave labor concentration camps, might be a tad difficult to sell these days.  And of course their manufacturer or another Chinese manufacturer has flooded Amazon with copies of the Grandpa Feeder at half the price.   We kind of feel sorry for them, once they were the only option, now they are over priced, selling a feeder that is obsolete and dangerous, and are locked into a supplier relationship in  a country that has become a pariah in the modern world.   Still, slave labor is cheap, eh?


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